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Hot on the heels of his Last Words update last week – http://www.joeabercrombie.com/2012/03/13/last-words/ – Joe Abercrombie has posted another, more in-depth, update about the first rough draft of (A) Red Country.


Some interesting insights into how Joe works, and how the whole process is going. Some interesting questions raised as well. In his previous post Joe had the title A Red Country, here he uses Red Country? So I believe there will be two different titles for the UK and US markets, one with the A and one without, perhaps he’s trying both out to see how they feel.

More interesting is one line near the end of the article where he is talking about the characters that have appeared in previous books. – They need to feel consistent and vivid, and as a result I probably need to do a read through of the First Law and Best Served Cold – so he only needs to re-read First Law and Best Served Cold. From that can we assume there will be no characters from The Heroes making a return? Also, we already know that Nicomo Cosca is in the new book – hence the re-read of BSC – but why would he need to re-read First Law, there has been no mention so far of any characters from there?

Or has there?

A lot of speculation has been hinging on a certain character by the name of Lamb, he is the step-father of the central figure in the story. All that Joe has revealed so far about Lamb is that he has a bloody past, bloodier than most. Makes me wonder even more if this is a subtle clue that perhaps Lamb appeared in First Law but under a different name.


Joe Abercrombie Update

Joe has posted a new update on his blog regarding his current novel A Red Country.


He’s said it’s looking at around the 170,000 mark which would make it his shortest book to date. Publication is possibly September/October 2012.

Interestingly I notice that this is the first time he’s put the title without the A in brackets, he has been unsure up to now whether or not to have the letter in the title. Does this mean he’s now settled?

The guys over at fantasy-faction.com have launched their first podcast, the plan is for this to be a weekly event, alternating between an author interview one week, and Q&A session + book review the next.

To launch the series they’ve posted an interview with Joe Abercrombie (The First Law, Best Served Cold, The Heroes), where he talks about his work, his current novel and shoots the breeze in general.

A good start to what I hope is a weekly treat for fantasy fans all over.

Here is a linky to the podcast http://fantasy-faction.com/2012/fantasy-faction-podcast-joe-abercrombie#comment-13041



Joe Abercrombie has posted an update to his current WIP (A) Red Country – it might loose the A prior to publication.

Along with the current state of progress he also posts a rough synopsis.

“Shy South comes home to her farm to find a blackened shell, her brother and sister stolen, and knows she’ll have to go back to bad old ways if she’s ever to see them again.  She sets off in pursuit with only her cowardly old step-father Lamb for company.  But it turns out he’s hiding a bloody past of his own.  None bloodier.  Their journey will take them across the lawless plains, to a frontier town gripped by gold fever, through feuds, duels, and massacres, high into unmapped mountains to a reckoning with ancient enemies, and force them into alliance with Nicomo Cosca, infamous soldier of fortune, a man no one should ever have to trust…”

Already a lot of people – myself included – are latching onto the character Lamb and his bloody past, speculation already rife that he is Logen “The Bloody Nine” Ninefingers, last seen falling from a castle window into a fast flowing river at the end of Last Argument Of Kings.

But even if it is his return, the book features another great character with the return of Nicomo Cosca.

According to Joe’s comments this book is set roughly six years after The Heroes, making it fifteen years since the end of The First Law trilogy.

Here is a link to Joe’s site – http://www.joeabercrombie.com/2012/02/02/part-iv/


Looking Forward To 2012

There is a lot to look forward to in 2012; it seems every year the range of genre on offer just gets stronger and stronger. So here is my list of what I’m looking forward to in the coming 12 months.


The Wind Through The Keyhole by Stephen King – A new novel set during King’s Dark Tower sequence, said to cover events between Wizard And Glass and Wolves Of The Calla. I have some trepidation about this, for me the series went downhill after Wizard and lost its way. But King is still a fantastic writer and so this is on my list. Due out in April.

The Great North Road by Peter F Hamilton – A standalone epic set on a colony world. This is said to be Hamilton’s biggest book in a long while (an estimated 250,000+ words), and with it being nearly two years since Temporal Void it should be worth the wait. Comments he has made on his website hint that his next project is a return to the Void, with a new trilogy but set on a different planet and not including any previously seen characters. Due out in October.

Republic Of Thieves by Scott Lynch – The third title in The Gentlemen Bastard sequence. This book has been a long time coming – Red Seas Under Red Skies came out five years ago – due to Lynch’s health problems affecting his ability to write. At the end of the second book readers were left on a cliffhanger, with Locke Lamora having ingested a poison and the only antidote gone to the grave with its creator. Due out in October.

A Red Country by Joe Abercrombie – The third standalone set in the universe created with The First Law trilogy. According to posts on Abercrombie’s blog this novel will have the feel of the Old West, leading some commentators to speculate that this tale will be either set in the far south and feature Ferro – last seen at the end of Last Argument Of Kings demon possessed and bent on revenge against the Gurkish, or possibly set in the Old Empire with its frontier-like towns. No firm release date has been put out yet, Gollancz say late 2012.

The World Of Ice And Fire by George RR Martin, Elio Garcia and Linda Atonsson – Garcia and Atonsson run the popular Westeros.org website, and they have been working on this companion book the Martins A Song Of Ice And Fire series for some years. Martin himself has given a lot of input and time to this project; and the book is said to include extensive histories of the Seven Kingdoms, new maps – including a World Map, that may not include not yet seen regions around Asshai and the Jade Sea – and exclusive artwork by Ted Nasmith. Due out late 2012.

Dangerous Women edited by George RR Martin and Gardner Dozios – A new collection of short fantasy from some of the biggest names in the genre. Highlight for me will be the fourth Dunk & Egg story called The She-Wolves (or possibly The She-Wolves Of Winterfell), detailing Ser Duncan and Egg’s adventures in the Stark stronghold some eighty years before A Game Of Thrones. Due out late 2012.



Supernatural S7 – The last half of season 7 started airing on January 6th in the US. The CW has ordered an additional episode making this season 23 episodes long. Whether the plan is to go out with a bang – there is as yet no news if there will be an 8th season – or they plan something extra special. This season has been a rough ride for fans, with the Winchester’s facing a threat that is seemingly unstoppable, the loss of Castiel and death of father-figure Bobby Singer.

The Walking Dead S2 – The second season is halfway through its run in the US and scheduled for Channel 5 in the UK during the summer. This was the breakout hit of 2011 with its premier breaking cable TV records.

Game of Thrones S2 – Due to be aired in April in the US – with a next day airing in the UK – the second season covers events in the second book of George RR Martin’s series, war has erupted in Westeros and five kings lay claim to the Iron Throne. Season 2 has an even bigger cast than the first and a lot more ground to cover for the writers in ten episodes. Highlight for me, episode nine called Blackwater written by Martin himself.

Downton Abbey S3 – Yes you’re reading that right, the third season of this brilliant period drama is scheduled for the autumn. Said to be set in the early 1920s – and said to be the last series as writer Julian Fellows only ever envisaged three – it will probably cover the slow demise of the aristocracy in England, and hopefully tie up what happens to Bates.



John Carter – Pixar releases its first live action film. This is a lavish film version of Tarzan creators Edgar Rich Burroughs Barsoom books. The trailer looks great, with plenty of action and a heroic looking hero, stars Taylor Kitsch as John Carter. Due out in March.

Wrath Of The Titans – This sequel to Clash Of The Titans sees the hero Perseus embark on a quest to the underworld to rescue Zeus from his brother Hades. Sam Wothington stars as Perseus. Due out in March.

The Avengers – Joss Weadon writes and directs what must be the most ambitious project of the year. Bringing together the superhero team of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow and the Hulk to do battle against Loki and an as yet un-known threat to Earth (though most people think it’s the Skrulls). Due out in May.

Snow White And The Huntsman – Based only on the trailer I’m giving this a go. It looks dark and moody, and has no singing animals. Due out in June.

Prometheus – Ridley Scott returns to the genre he defined with his Alien/not-Alien prequel. Due out in June.

The Dark Knight Rises – The third, and last, in Christopher Nolan’s re-booting of the Batman legend. Going on the trailer and teaser poster I’m hedging my bets that this will end with Bruce Wayne/Batman broken and in traction. Due out in July.

Expendables 2 – Stallone, Swarzenegger & Willis on screen together. What else does any red blooded man want? Due out in August.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – This needs no introduction, Peter Jackson back where he belongs in Middle Earth. Gandalf, Elrond and Golem return for this tale of lost treasure, a dragon, a battle between five armies, Oh… and a ring. Due out in December.

The First Law Wikia

Searching through the net over the weekend I came upon a recommendation to a new Wiki that has recently started up. Thanks to the Wertzone – http://thewertzone.blogspot.com/ – I was directed to The First Law Wiki – http://firstlaw.wikia.com/wiki/First_Law_Wiki

It’s pretty basic at the moment, there are only 17 pages created, but from little acorns and all that. They are looking for editors and contributors, I’ve signed up and already created a few pages. The First Law universe is still only a fledgling place, but with five books published – The Blade Itself, Before They Are Hanged, The Last Argument Of Kings, Best Served Cold and The Heroes – and a sixth on the way – A Red Country (working title, it might loose the A) – it is already full of interesting characters, places and customs.

Last week author Joe Abercrombie – The First Law Trilogy, Best Served Cold and The Heroes – announced new covers for two of his books in the US.

The first is for Best Served Cold. Abercrombie’s follow up to his First Law trilogy set in the country of Styria. A violent tale of betrayal and revenge told on a grand scale with a large cast. The character on the front – I assume – is the main protagonist General Monza Murcatto. Considering what happens to her at the beginning of the book, she looks better than what I’d visualized.

Next is the cover for his latest book The Heroes. Set in the North telling the story of a three day battle between the Northmen and armies of the Union, it is a gritty look at the realities of war, latrines and all.

I’m not sure I like these new covers as much as I do the traditional damaged scroll effect his books usually have. These look more like graphic novel covers, or possibly movie posters. They have a certain style to them, but then I’ve always been of the opinion a books cover should have some hint as to what the book itself is about.

The Heroes cover may cover[sic] this – the muscular arm on the front appears to point toward its owner possibly being a hero. But then if you’ve read the book you’ll know its not really about heroes – human ones or the monolithic stones the battles rages around.