Not sure how I’ve let this slip past without posting about it here, I mean the title of this blog is Philip Norris: Writer. So anyhoo, without further ado, I’m pleased to announce, after much…..oh bloody hell here this explains it all.


Yep, there you go, it’s big, it’s bold, it has a very 1980ish computer graphic thingy going on, but who cares I only wnet and won NaNoWriMo (snoopy dance). OK, I know I’m not the only one, thousands (possibly tens of thousands?) of other authors won or hit the target they were aiming for. But for me its a personal thing, I had to prove to myself I still had it in me.

Before we go any further we all know what NaNoWriMo is right? November, 30 days, 50,ooo word target, National Novel Writing Month…OK, we all there?

Back in 2009 (the last time I entered NaNoWrMo) I also won, I wrote something that was a little weird, a little alternative and it was a mess. Several times since then I’ve gone back, tried to make sense of what I’d done, wondered what the hell I was thinking, and then promptly closed the file, checked no-one had seen me open it and walked of whistling like nothing had happened. Since then I’ve made several failed attempts at writing another novel, most seemed to lose legs around the 30,000+ mark leaving me thinking perhaps 2009 was a one hit wonder.

Since then I have had had success with short stories (two published and one due to be, though the deadline for that contract expires in January so I may have to place it elsewhere) and I was verging on the decision of abandoning any plans at novel writing and focus instead on short stories and novellas. But then this year I decided to have one more try, It’s my 50th, so how best to celebrate. I planned, I plotted and I set it all out beforehand. This time I was ready.

I planned to move away from my usual stomping ground – fantasy, horror, sci-fi – and this time I trod a favoured path of mine outside of my genre staple. Being a son of a Policeman I’ve always enjoyed procedurals, I grew up watching Colombo, Ironside, The Rockford Files et al. These days I still have an interest, Poirot, NCIS, Law & Order, Ripper Street. All of these show I feel have given me insights and foreknowledge of how the procedural works. To this end my novel is set in the word of a murder investigation that leads the team into the murky world of politics and religion.

A tad over 80,000 words in 30 days, quite proud at that total, a major victory and one that has bolstered my ego no ends. Its still as much a mess as my first novel, but I feel it a redeemable mess. I’ve not looked at it since completion, I have no intention of looking at it for at least six months. I want to give it time to ferment, gain body, grow some.

So there you have it, I has a novel, well will do once I’m done with it.