Following post will container spoilers for non-book readers.


Been a while since I said anything about the fast approaching S3 of HBOs Game Of Thrones (March 31st USA/April 1st UK). Unless you’ve been in a cave the past week you will no doubt already have seen the trailer.

Yesterday HBO released a list of episode titles…

1: Valar Dohaeris
2: Dark Wings, Dark Words
3: Walk of Punishment
4: And Now His Watch is Ended
5: Kissed by Fire
6: tbc
7: The Bear and the Maiden Fair
8: tbc
9: The Rains of Castamere
10: Mhysa

Some interesting titles there and follows some speculation as to what they may relate to.





Ep.1 – Valar Dohaeris (translated = all men must serve) is the traditional reply in High Valerian to Valar Morghulis (translated = all men must die and the title of S2/ep10), so we may get some Ayra action, possibly involving the Brotherhood Without Banners?

Ep.2 – Dark Wings, Dark Words – Ravens have dark wings and carry messages around the kingdoms. Does this possibly allude to Robb and/or Catylin receiving news of the “death” of Bran and Rickon?

Ep.3 – Walk Of Punishment – not sure about this, some link to what the Brotherhood is about maybe, or Theon’s fate?

Ep.4 – And Now His Watch Is Ended – obviously relates to the Nights Watch, could allude to the battle/aftermath of the battle at the Fist of the First Men. Or it could allude to events at Crasters Keep.

Ep. 5 – Kissed By Fire – obvious choice is Yrgitte, so could involve what Jon is up to with Mance’s army. But I wonder if it might be a reference to Sandor Clegane (his burn scar is him being “kissed by fire”) and his duel with Ser Beric (and his flaming sword).

Ep. 7 – The Bear And The Maiden Fair – this is a song in the books and is sung several times, it could also allude to Ser Jamie, Brienne and a certain bear pit.

Ep. 9 – The Rains Of Castermere – any book fan will know what this points towards, its a massive event. Not saying anymore than that.

Ep. 10 – Mhysa – Myhsa is the Ghiscari word for “mother” and is what the freed slaves cal Daenerys.

It’s all shaping up to be another great season, possibly one of the best considering the ground it will travel.