News broke yesterday that SyFy are in development of a remake of classic BBC science fiction show Blake’s 7. During its run the show was in competition with Dr. Who as the show to watch. Although a lot darker in tone to it’s BBC stablemate, Blake’s 7 had a loyal following, a following it continues to have to this day.

The show centers around a group of escaped convicts who embark on a crusade against an evil galactic empire, they come across an abandoned alien spacecraft – christened the Liberator by the crew – that is more advanced than anything the empire has. Running for four years – 1978 – 1981 –  the show ended in a semi-cliffhanger with the return of titular character Blake (he’d been missing presumed dead since S2) and had a final scene of the surviving crew all being shot by soldiers of the empire before the screen goes black. The show was never renewed, despite continual calls for it from fans, especially after the revival of Dr. Who in 2005.

As a bit of fun I thought I’d speculate on who might fit as recast members of the crew. This is my view and mine alone, mostly fantasy casting.

Roj Blake – originally played by Gareth Thomas, Blake was a long term political activist who uses the Liberator as a weapon to fight against the Federation. He’s reckless, driven and ruthless in his pursuit of his goals. For the remake I visualized Colm Meaney in the role.


Kerr Avon – originally played by Paul Darrow, Avon was a computer and electronics expert, very logical, very clever, but equally as ruthless as Blake. Only ever had one person in mind for this, Mark Sheppard.


Vila Restal – originally played by Michael Keating, Vila is a skilled thief, a lock-pick, but he is reluctant to risk his life and so comes across as cowardly. He has a high IQ but has a weakness for women and booze. I can only think of one person to fit this role, Robert Knepper.


Jenna Stannis – originally played by Sally Knyvette, Jenna was a skilled pilot and smuggler (a female Han Solo). For her role I went for Knepper’s old Prison Break castmate Sarah Wayne Callies.


Cally – originally played by Jan Chappell, Cally is a telepath and guerrilla fighter. For her role I’ve gone for Supernatural’s Sheriff Jody Mill’s – Kimberley Rhodes.




Olag Gan – originally played by David Jackson, Gan was a convicted murderer who’d had an electronic “limiter” implanted in his brain that made it impossible to kill anyone again. For this role I’ve gone for X-Files alumni Brian Thompson.


All the above has been for fun, it’s whiled away a couple of hours on a damp Friday afternoon.