Work on Gypsy’s Kiss – the first book in The Ballad Of Toby Jones series – is progressing nicely. The first draft of part one was finished a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been re-reading it and editing it since. I’ve decided to do the editing differently from how I’ve done it in the past, this time I’ve printed it all off and am going through with pen and highlighter. I must say I find this way of doing it better then trying to do it on the screen. Finally finished the edit over the weekend, and the plan is now to leave it before implementing the edits onto the word docs and get going on part two.

Part two is going to slightly different to part one, the bulk of exposition is going to come out during this part, and so whilst I’ve been doing the part one edit I’ve also been researching for elements that will appear in part two. I think this second part will take longer to write, a lot needs to happen in the ten – fifteen chapters I have planned to get me in a position for the start of part three (I already know how part two will end and three will start).

I’ve set the target for completion of part two for November, once that’s done I’ll do the edit whilst planning is finalized for what happens in part three (I already roughly know, but its the little details). All being well by the end of the year I will have all three parts done and edited and will then re-read alongside my edits and make changes. If everything goes to plan I should have a final draft (of approx 80,000+ words) finished March 2013.  This means it’ll be a year from start to finish, the longest time I’ve continuously spent on a single project.

Once that’s all done I’ll decide what happens next, I’m split 50/50 on self publishing or submitting it round to agents at the moment.


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