There it is, the title of my current WIP. A short story that became a novella that’s becoming an obsession.

Originally it was just a short story entitled Gypsy’s Kiss, about a down-at-heel PI pounding the mean streets of Bournemouth, hey if you’ve never been there don’t say it ain’t mean. But halfway in the adventures of my hero, Toby Jones, began to take on more and more depth, like the proverbial snowball becoming an avalanche. Into the end third of the short I realized the tale I had to tell would never fit inside the confines of a short story, so off came that hat and on went the novella one, a nice nifty one with a feather and peak.

Once I’d settled on the fact it would be a longer piece other stories began to come to mind, events in Toby’s and his worlds past, present and future. As these little snippets mounted The Ballad Of Toby Jones title came into my head. It felt good, it felt comfortable, it felt right.

All I’m going to say now is it is set in an alternate world, does not involved aliens but does have Gypsy magic.


All Rights Reserved  © Philip Norris July 2012