This question is directed more at writers who haven’t hit the big time yet, those that are either just starting out, or have a couple of books under their belts, but still have to get up every morning and go to the day job. Published wise I’m pretty far down on the ladder, in fact the first rung is still above my head. Within the next few months I’ll have three short stories in print, I’ll hopefully have my short story anthology finished and self published on Kindle, and hopefully I’ll have the first draft of my novella done.

But as much as I’m moving forward with my writing career, its still a slow process because I can only dedicate a small proportion of my time to it. I know the world of writing and publishing is slow, it takes time for a writer to develop their style, create engaging characters, get noticed in the first place. But because of working full time I feel I’m moving at a slower pace, there are people I know who were in the same position story-wise as me at the beginning of the year, and are already out there and moving swiftly on with the next thing.

I try to write every night, but sometimes I’m too tired or there is home stuff to be done. I try for a couple of hours at a go. My word rate isn’t that bad, but I feel I could be doing more. I sit at work with plots and characters going round in my head, but cant do anything about it. My note book is constantly out and I’m scribbling away, ready for when I get home later. But still it feels like I’m standing still sometimes.

I’d be interested to hear how other writers with full time jobs manage their schedules, some I know are more hectic than mine, writers that have other commitments outside of work and writing. But they still seem to fit it all in.