Been a busy couple of weeks writingwise. First some updates…

My short story Jack has been accepted for the forthcoming last part in the Pill Hill Press Monster Hunter anthology. The last instalment is entitled Use Enough Gun and yesterday Miles Boothe posted the final table of contents.

One Less by Steven Gepp
Shame of the Huntress by Gregory Casey
Viral by Dev Jarrett
The Demon and the Manuscript by Marc Sorondo
Red December, 1879 by Brian Panowich
In the Dark and Quiet by Joshua Reynolds
Vermin by Blaise Torrance
Jack by Philip Norris
The Shape of a Cage by J.W.Whalen
Victims by Mike Phillips
Blood Devil by Eric Scott de Bie
Night of the Wolf by Nathan J.D.L. Rowark
Cautionary Tales by Jennifer Barnes
The Bear Trap by Daniel Durrant
Arrival by Christopher Nadeau
The End of Things by T.W. Garland
Hell Knight by Angel Propps
The Longest Night by Helen Yates
Weapon of Choice by Paul Starkey
House Hunters by William Wood
Second Chances by H.J. Hill
Soot by Jireh Smith
The Predators of Winter by E. Dagforth
Skin and Bone by Jonathan Templar
Hell’s Ambush by Derek Anderson
Fail and Cry by Miles Boothe

See me near the top. This is not the final line up for publication but the order in which they were accepted.

Next up is something I have known about for a few weeks now but was asked to keep under wraps whilst other writers were contacted. I recently submitted a short script – about 7 minutes – for the Twisted Showcase second season, I’m pleased to announce that my script has been picked up and filming will commence over the summer.

I’m really pleased about this as this is my first attempt at writing a script and has come out well. As yet there is no title, the original title didn’t really fit with the theme so the producers are considering other options.

So this leaves me in a good position, in the coming months I’ll have two short stories in print and a script filmed. Still in hand is the fantasy short I have in with The Fantasy Faction anthology.

As soon as I have publication/release dates for the above I’ll post.