Seems like ages since I did any sort of update on the various projects I have boiling, simmering and just gathering ingredients for. So please excuse the lack of information on my part.

So, did I tell you I’d had another short story accepted? No? Well I have, its called Death Rides A Pale Horse and is in the forthcoming anthology called Dead Rush being put out by Wicked East Press. Its a collection of stories with the theme of the Old West. I’ve had the galley proofs so am guessing publication should be pretty soon.

There are still two months to go until the deadline for the Fantasy Writing Contest being run by Fantasy Faction. I got my submission called You Can’t Avoid A Little Blood submitted soon after subs opened, I also opted for the Entry Plus service where I’ll get a detailed critique from one of the judges. Not sure if I get this if accepted or not? Doubtful I’ll hear anything from this until after the closing date, there was a post on their forum saying Entry Plus subs wouldn’t be going out till then so that people couldn’t revise their entry and get it back in.

I’m waiting on an email from Pill Hill Press for my submission to the last in the Monster Hunter trilogy anthology they are putting together. According to their forum they have read all stories submitted so far and acceptance/rejection emails are going out as we speak. One person has posted saying they’ve had their’s so its a waiting game now.

I submitted a short script – about 7 minutes – for the second season of Twisted Showcase. The first season is up on line with a great selection of weird, creepy and scary stories. Not sure when I’ll get any news on that but from Twitter I know they’ve filmed the first episode already and are still considering other submitted stories.

I’ve only just (yesterday) submitted a short story to 2000AD for a Judge Dredd competition. Only 2,000 words, short and sharp with blood and guts. Deadline is May 23rd so nit sure when will hear anything.

I’ve finished the polish on the stories I’ve collected together that I aim to self publish on Kindle. I’ve settled on three stories that cover horror and steampunk. I’m sending them out to a couple of readers next week and am at present working on a cover design.

That’s it, all up to date now. I’m now project free for the first time in ages, but I have begun research and note making for a planned novel set in the same universe as one of the stories in my anthology. Its early stages at present so doubt I’ll even have the first draft ready until later in the year.