Day of Demons

Edited by Colin F Barnes

Authors – Karen Davies, Krista Walsh, V.D. Griesdoorn, Edward Drake, James M. Mazzaro, Laura Diamond, Phil Hickes, Sarah Ann Langton, Gary Bonn

Published by Anachron Press

Readily available on Kindle

RRP £3.23

Day of Demons is a collection of powerful stories featuring the conflict of demons and humans over the course of a day. Read how one women’s inner-self awakens to unexpected and frightening consequences, or how a charismatic half-breed thief is forced to strike a deal with a pen-stealing imp. Read about a mother as she struggles to cope with a deadly, satanic bargain, and a sword-wielding anti-hero as he returns out of exile to face his demonic fate.

 Nine stories, nine demons, nine authors. From fantasy, to horror, to contemporary fiction, this anthology will fright, delight and grip you with tales of daring-do, danger and of course — demons.

 Never read any stories featuring demons, I suppose most authors follow the current trends meaning vampires, werewolves and zombies are the monster of choice. Still demons deserve a look in as I feel out of all the choices an author could go for, they are the most versatile. With a demon possession they could be anyone, they can change host, bedevil hunters and literally raise hell unhindered.

This collection of nine short stories highlights a wide range of possibilities with demons as the central theme. The settings are as diverse and the stories, ranging from epic fantasy, to gothic horror to steampunk. Each author has an individual voice, there is no repetition of style, and each author presents a different view as to what a demon is and can do. But one thing each story has is a tale about the deviousness of demons and the culpability of humans.

This a great read with some interesting ideas and promising authors who I’d like to hear more from. If I was pushed to pick a favorite it would be The Deal by Karen Davies, chosen purely for my love of all things fantasy. The other eight stories are equally as good.