For the past couple of months I’ve been assembling a collection of my short stories and re-reading them. As I’ve gone through I’ve been selecting stories to be included in an anthology I’m planning on self publishing on Kindle. Initially I had a couple of dozen stories, all un-published and some rejected submissions. To date I have whittled that total down to ten and then down to five. I know have the four that I intend to include selected and have been giving each a re-read and edit.

As of last night I have two stories edited, polished and prepared. The anthology will be a mix of genres. I’ve already opened an account on Amazon for the Kindle self-publish, and already registered the title.

I feel now the time is right to begin to get the anthology “out there”. I’ve tweeted about it several times, but as I plan on getting the rest of the stories edited and ready so I can publish early in the summer, I think I should begin now a heavier push to get it noticed. The plan is from now until publication date – I’m looking at June – I’ll post regular blogs about the progress.

For now all I’ll give you is the titles of the first two stories.

Pretty Maids All In A Row – has appeared on GeekPlanetOnline, but I have revised it and added to the overall length. It is a horror story seen through the eyes of a 14yr old boy.

Darkness Falls – was submitted to Pill Hill Press for the first book in their Monster Hunter trilogy. It is a monster horror pitting a local sheriff against an ancient horror.

The final two stories, one is a steampunk and the other an alternative history fantasy, but maybe more of them next time.


Tales From Beyond The Event Horizon, Pretty Maids All In A Row & Darkness Falls © Philip Norris 2012