I had that email from Pill Hill Press last night regarding my submission to their Steampunk anthology. I had been building my hopes up seeing they’d kept hold of it for so long. But the pain of rejection was softened by some personal feedback from the publisher.

They’d had my story on the shortlist for a while, they were looking for more military/war themed stories to come in, but unfortunately none did meaning my story was on it’s own. Because of this the direction of the anthology veered away from my story resulting in it not making the cut.

They did say that it would fit nicely with a publication called Steampunk Tales – http://www.steampunktales.com/ – which looks like a great place for stories of that genre. But only draw back I can see is their submission policy has a word count of 4,500 and my story is 6,602 words. That’s a hell of a lot to prune off for a short story.

Unsure what I’m going to do yet, I am working on a anthology of my own that I plan to self publish on Kindle, I might put my story in there. But as it is due to other project’s I’ll let my steampunk story sit for a while and take a look at it in a couple of months.