I’ve just finished watching Misfits series 1 thanks to 4OD.

Misfits is a comedy/drama created by Howard Overman and shown on E4, it is about a group of young offenders on Community Service who obtain superpowers after being caught in a strange electrical storm.

Anyone reading that – and who is a comics fan – will no doubt make the connection to the origin story for Marvel comics Fantastic Four. Well you can forget about that, yes both groups were caught in a storm – one cosmic the other electrical – but there the link ends.

The group are Simon (Iwan Rheon), a reclusive man who likes to film everything on his phone and edit short films together. Nathan (Robert Sheenan) a mouthy, cocky know-it-all who takes great pleasure in mocking everyone and can take nothing seriously. Kelly (Lauren Socha), a Chav from the local estate. Curtis (Nathan Stweart-Jarrett), a one time Olympic hopeful and Alisha (Antonia Thomas), a party girl.

After being caught in the storm they all develop individual powers, Simon (invisability), Kelly (reading minds), Curtis (time reversal), Alisha (indusces hypersexuality through touch) and Nathan…Nathan does not develop any obvious power until the last scene of the last episode, this is a recurring joke/theme throughout the series, him trying to find what his power is.

The six episodes are stand-alone stories with an over-riding arc of the after affects of the storm on them, others outside the group who were caught in it, and the after affect of them killing their Probation Officer after him was turned into a feral human by the storm.

The series is full of dark humour, bad language and overt sexual references – most of these from Nathan. It is an ensemble show, and all the characters get their chance to shine. For me it was a highly enjoyable and funny series, it steers clear of the standard superhero tropes, there is no arch villain, there is no costumes – unless you count the orange jumpsuits they wear for their Community Service.

At the start of the show I felt for the character of Simon, an obvious loner and victim of bullying. But as the series progressed he became more creepy, more sinister, in some episodes controlling. Culminating in him keeping a dead body in a freezer. Nathan on the other hand I detested at first, too cocky, too over the top. But as the series went on he grew on me, he is by far one of the funniest characters written I have seen in a long time. He has an answer for everything, and an unlimited supply of cracking put downs.

The first series went out on a high, and a cliffhanger, the final shot made me cringe and chuckle. If you see one new series this next year make sure its Misfits. 

Now to series 2.