Filming on S2 of Game Of Thrones is entering it’s final stages. It has already wrapped in Croatia, the Northern Ireland leg is due to wind up in the next couple of days, that only leaves the Iceland team and events beyond the Wall.

So with everything Westeros, Kings Landing and across the Narrow Sea done and dusted what do we know?

Unless some sudden last minute casting is announced it’s a sure bet that the Tullys have been written out for the second season. And considering events in the second book that centre around Riverrun -Jamie’s attempted escape, the Stark/Karstark rift – are pretty major, it seems the whole Tully/Riverrun thread of the stories might have been edited out permanently.

So no Blackfish, no Edmure, no death of Hoster Tully. And without the Tully’s how will that affect events at the end of the third book (The Red Wedding)? Introducing the Tully’s in S3 (if we get one), when they’ve not been mentioned in 1 or 2, will seem a bit strange to the non-book reading viewer.

Also with events at Winterfell wrapped it would appear we have no Reed siblings, and more importantly no Reek.

Of course, for all we know, the Tully’s, Reed’s and Reek may have been cast and filmed, but the producers have kept them under wraps. But I doubt it, the Northern Ireland security was sound but I doubt not impregnable, if they are featured we’d have heard by now.

The Iceland leg is due to film until mid-December and then it goes into post-production. If they stick to the time table they did with S1 we may be lucky and get some sort of teaser early in December. Rumours have it from HBO there maybe one tagged to appear after the season finale of Boardwalk Empire.

April 2012 still seems a long way off.