There has been a spate of casting announcements for S2 over the last few weeks. With filming well underway in Croatia, Northern Ireland and soon to start in Iceland – for events beyond the Wall – the production is filling out a lot of minor and some major roles.

Rose Leslie has been cast as Ygritte. Ygritte is a Wilding that Jon Snow encounters beyond the Wall. One of Mance Rayder’s warrior women she becomes close to Jon.

John Stahl has been cast as Lord Rickard Karstark. The Karstark’s are distant relatives of the Stark family and serve as bannerman to Winterfell. Lord Rickard travels south with Robb’s army to fight in the Riverlands. Karstark did feature in S1; he was seen in the background and played by a non-speaking extra.

Simon Armstrong has been cast as Qhorin Halfhand. Qhorin is a Ranger of the Nights Watch; he joins the Ranging led my Lord Commander Mormont into the Haunted Forest. A capable fighter he lost half of his sword hand and taught himself to fight left handed.

Some minor roles that have been filled recently include Kavarro, a Dothraki rider; will be played by Steven Cole. Kavarro does not appear in the books, and it is believed he has been brought in to beef up the Dothraki contingent surrounding Daenerys. It might also be he is in to replace Rakharo, played by Elyes Gabel, who is currently filming World War Z with Brad Pitt.

Nicholas Blane has been cast as another non-book character called The Spice King. It may be he is the leader of the Guild of Spicers, a powerful faction in the city of Qarth and will be involved in the Daenerys storyline.

Tony Way has been cast as Ser Dontos Hollard. Ser Dontos is a drunkard knight in Kings Landing, he makes a fool of himself in front of King Joffery and sentenced to death. Sansa Stark steps in and saves him, but the King makes him the court fool. He becomes involved in Sansa’s plans to escape the capital.

There are not many roles still un-cast, with two months of filming left it is believed those roles – the Reed siblings, possibly some of the Tully’s, Reek – have actors attached but the announcements held back until they are filming their parts.