Leather, Denim And Silver: Legends Of The Monster Hunter

Edited By Miles Boothe

Authors: Shelly Ontis, Joshua Reynolds, Matthew Baugh, Gary Buettner, Chris Lewis Carter, James Ossuary, Miles Boothe, John X. Grey, Jaleta Clegg, Jennifer L. Barnes, Derek M. Koch, Eric Pollarine, Thom Brannan, Indy McDaniel, Heather Whittington, Elisa F. B. Ramires, H.J. Hill, T.W. Garland, Edward McKeown, E.M. MacCallum, Marc Sorondo, Liam Cadey, A.J. French, Mhairi Shaw, Christopher Nadeau, Lina Branter, K.C. Shaw, A. Meadon, John M. Whalen

Published in 2011 by Pill Hill Press

Available in paperback from Pill Hill Press, Amazon and online sources $15.29

This is my second Pill Hill Anthology and another cracking collection of the weird, the wonderful; and the down-right scary. Ranging from the dusty plains of the Old West, to the fog bound streets of Victorian London, here you have all the werewolves, vampires, ghouls, ghosts and many tentacle nasty’s you should ever wish for.

In, what I think, is a bold move; the book is compartmentalized so all the groups are together. When I first saw this I was a little wary, in fact I was a little worried. After two or three werewolf stories would wolf fatigue set in? I was really surprised and have to commend Miles Boothe for his choice and variety of stories.

No two werewolves, vampire, spirit or monster hunter stories are alike. I couldn’t believe that there was such a wide variety of different versions of the individual monsters. That is the great thing about this collection, there is no repetition, no moments of “Oh here we go again.” And the really good thing – especially for me – there were no glittery glowing vampires that the heroine falls in love with. I fact if there were the heroine would slice and gut him before he had a chance to flick his L’Oreal quiff.

These stories are gritty, no-holds barred tales of scary monsters being hunted and killed – most times brutally – by even scarier hunters. You can’t say there are any heroes here; most of the hunters are narrow minded killers, whose sole aim is to rid the world of their prey. And they are not too worried about the methods they employ to do it.

These are the sort of tales I like, no fluff, just the hunter, the monster and a bucket of blood.