On Thursday 8th September 1966, at 8.30 in the evening NBC broadcast the very first episode of Star Trek. 45 years, 6 franchise series (counting the animated one), 11 Movies (with a 12th in pre-production) and countless hundreds of books, comics and fan conventions later. It is still going strong.

I was first introduced to Trek in the 1970s, it was broadcast on BBC1 (yes that’s right BBC1) at 7.00pm. It was the only school night I was allowed to stay up late. Since then I’ve been a fan, I’ve watched all the films – including The Final Frontier…shudder… – and all the series except the last two of Voyager and most of Enterprise (mainly because at the time I didn’t have Sky TV).

I’ve attended convention – dressed in full Klingon uniform and makeup – and met all of the Next Gen stars.

I’d like to wish it a happy 45th birthday and here’s to another 45 years.