Season 2 filming is rattling along, and what now seems to be a weekly occurrence yet more roles are being cast.

Andy Beckwith has been cast in the role of Rorge. Rorge is a vicious criminal who was briefly seen – played by an extra – in the cage that was bound for the Wall with Yoren and Arya Stark. It is never made clear what his crimes are, all we know is he is a pretty black character, who although has a small role to start becomes important later on.

Gerard Jordan has been cast in the role of Biter. Biter is another of the criminals locked in the cage with Rorge and is bound for the Wall. A near feral character who likes to bite. As with Rorge his role is small to start, but grows later on.

Anthony Morris has been cast in the role of Tickler. The Tickler is part of Ser Gregor Clegane’s company. A brutal torturer who interrogates villagers in the Mountain that Rides search for the Lightning Lord, and gold. With the inclusion of Tickler some commentators wonder if the rest of Clegane’s band will soon be cast.

On the subject of Gregor Clegane – or more specifically the actor who plays him, Conan Stevens – it seems segments being filmed at the moment, that feature Clegane, are being filmed without the 7’ foot tall actor in the Mountains armour. It is unclear whether this is because Clegane has been recast, or because of Stevens workload – he has a role in Spartacus and The Hobbit – are both filming now.

It would be sad to have the part recast, considering it is so well documented that Stevens campaigned for this role for years. But then it might not be a total loss. Gregor Clegane is in the second book – A Clash of Kings – but his role is small. It could be just that we will only see him in full armour with a helm on, thus Stevens is not needed to be there. Come S3 (if it gets a continuation) Clegane has a larger role, and you would need an actor there.

Considering Clegane was only briefly seen in S1 the role could be recast later, or come S3 Stevens other commitments – Spartacus and The Hobbit – will have finished filming.