Some more S2 casting this week.

First off is Karl Davis as Alton Lannister. This is a bit of an odd one as there is no Lannister named Alton in the books, so like Ros, in S1, this is a TV only character. There has been speculation that Alton may be Tyrek Lannister under another name. Seeing the producers are trying to move away from the many similar sounding character names, perhaps they are worried that Tyrek sounds too like Tywin and Tyrion? Other speculation is that Alton will replace Poderick Payne, who in the books was Tyrion’s squire when he comes to Kings Landing as the Kings Hand.

Next up is Gemma Whelan as Yara Greyjoy. Again there is no Yara in the books; Yara on screen is Theon’s sister Asha renamed. Another example of the producers re-naming characters whose names sound the same – they’re worried Asha, Ayra, Osha all sound similar and will be confusing. Asha/Yara is Theon’s older sister and a captain of one of their Fathers, Balon Greyjoy, ships. She’s battle hardened and good with an axe.

Nonso Anozie has been cast as Xaro Xhoan Caxos, a merchant prince from the Eastern city of Qarth. He will be instrumental in Daenerys’ story in season 2, and offers her shelter and aid but is more interested in her dragons than her claim to the Iron Throne.

Kerr Logan has been cast as Matthos Seaworth, son of Davos the ex-pirate who is a loyal supporter of Stannis Baratheon’s claim to the Iron Throne. Matthos is his father’s second in command on the Black Bertha.

Tom Wlaschiha has been cast as Jaquan H’gar. Jaquan is a Lorathi criminal and part of the group, including Ayra, which is taken from Kings Landing bound for the Wall. He is a dangerous and mysterious man who takes an interest in Arya.