Had a couple of rejection emails over the weekend. One was from Clarkesworld for a short story called Simple Smash And Grab. The other was from Pill Hill Press for a short I’d entered to their Trigger Reflex anthology, titled Groundhog Day.

But, the rejection from Pill Hill was a rejection with feedback (my first from an editor). His comments are below.

Hi Phillip, I wanted to let you know that i’ve held on to your piece for the longest out of all of them, and have read it three times. Your writing is smooth and the piece moves well, but each time, I just really wanted to see a more exotic monster. Please understand that I hold all of the authors in the highest respect, and when I am rejected, I very much love when an editor takes a moment to let me know why.

So it’s good, and they like it, but I need to tweak it. I suppose this is something I’ll have to get used to if I’m to be successful as a writer, an editor asking for something to be changed, improved, re-written. I view this feedback as a positive step and one I can build from, I’m working on a re-vamp, based on the suggestion above, and hopefully will be able to re-submit before any deadline falls on the anthology.