The first segment of filming for the first of the two Hobbit films is finished. Of the planned 254 day shoot, for both films, 54 are ‘in the can’, and post production is underway, pre-production and location scouting has begun for the next batch of filming due to start in September. Director, Peter Jackson, has released a batch of images to wet people’s appetites, all are what are called cover shots. This means they are taken in a way that the banner title of a magazine can be inserted above the characters.

Gloin is on the right and is played by Peter Hambleton, Oin is on the left played by John Callen. These seem to follow in the style set in The Lord of the Rings films, where Dwarves were sturdy and strong looking with lots of facial hair. Some amongst you might notice a familiarity between Gloin and Gimli (it’s in the eyes), from LoTR, because in the story Gloin is Gimli’s father. You might also recognize the big axe he is carrying.

Fili is on the left and is played by Dean O’Gorman, Kili is on the right and played by Aidan Turner. These are much younger Dwarves than the rest of the company, for me they look nothing like what I’d imagine Dwarves to look like at whatever age. In fact Kili looks almost Elflike with his slimmer figure and long flowing hair.

Bombur is on the left and played by Stephan Hunter, in the middle is Bofur played by James Nesbitt, and on the right is Bifur played by William Kircher. Once again we return to the tradition style of Dwarf. In Bombur’s case though he reminds me more of Obelix, Asterix’s sidekick, with his platted hair and round figure. And if I’m not mistaken is that a giant spoon he has there as a weapon?

Nori is on the left and is played by Jed Brophy, in the middle is Ori played by Adam Brown, and on the right is Dori played by Mark Hadlow. For me these fall into the middle ground between the traditional style of Dwarf and the Fili and Kili style.

As yet not seen are Balin played by Ken Stott, Dwalin played by Graham McTavish and the leader of the Dwarves Thorin Oakenshield played by Richard Armitage. I’m hoping with Thorin the stick to the tradition look, he is the leaders of the Dwarves and a great warrior. The worrying thing is Armitage is tall and slim, I hope we do not get another Kili like Dwarf.