Had a couple of quick turnarounds recently.

2000AD sent a rejection yesterday for the strip I’d written. No real feedback just a form letter saying my story “was not suitable at this time” whatever that means. It’s a zombie story, so I’m guessing as zombies are the new vampires, thanks to The Walking Dead and forthcoming movie World War Z, maybe they’ve been inundated with zombie stories.

Also submitted a short story to Clarkesworld, it was rejected but only because I’d exceeded the word limit. So I’m doing some serious hacking to shave off some words and will re-submit.

The independent imprint Pill Hill Press have rejected my short story Troll, but they still have another under consideration called Groundhog Day. I’ve had contact with them, because I’d not heard anything for a while, and they still have it and it’s been read and still in the pile. Which I find as promising.

Also with Pill Hill, on their forum they are having, what they call, a Summer Shootout. Forum members will submit three stories over the summer, and those stories will be reviewed and scored by other members. The winner won’t get any real prize, except the prize of being the last man, or woman, standing after the shootout ends, but they will have three short stories they can submit somewhere. Its a bit of fun if nothing else.