Submitted two more pieces in the last couple of days.

The first, titled Why If It Isn’t The Great Siron Darr,  is a short story set in the same universe as my ongoing fantasy novel (see sample chapter in the link above). It has one of the characters from the novel and I’ve created eleven more to make up his mercenary troop. I submitted it to Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show – .

I now think I might have dropped a clanger because I didn’t read the guidelines properly, well I did but it was very late Sunday night and I didn’t really take it all in. There is a PG-13 rating on all entries, and I do have several instances of potty mouth in my story. In two minds what to do, leave it and see what happens, they do allow some extreme violence and sex (if the story allows it and not just for the sake of it). Or do I mark it as a rejection and submit elsewhere.

The second submission was for 2000AD’s Future Shock series – – it’s my first attempt at a comic strip and am quite pleased with the result. It’s titled Here Be Monsters, and is an adaptation of a flash story I wrote earlier this year. The only real downside to this is there is a possible 12 month (!!) wait on acceptance/rejection.