I suppose the idea of having a website/blog is to actually have something on it for people to read and/or comment on. Looking around the internet I see a lot of website/blogs filled with people talking about pretty much anything. Life, death, war, politics, sex. I started this blog initially as a place to showcase and talk about my writing, I suppose as there are going to be long periods of time where not very much happens I should finid something else to fill in the gaps.

No one likes and embarrassing silence.

So do I fill it with my life – I’m 47, married three times and have a daughter… hmmm that didn’t take long. No one close to me has died so that’s out. War, well I like to read about it, I like to watch films about out, I’d never want to be in one though. Politics, best not go there I could get into trouble. That only leaves sex and as much as I like it it’s none of your frakking business.

So I’ve covered all the major bases what does that leave me. Books, TV and movies I suppose. I can’t afford to go to the cinema as much as I used to, the last film I saw was the woefully over-rated Ironman #2. I have a substantial collection of DVDs though and love nothing more than sitting down with the wife and stuffing my face with popcorn. TV is pretty much the same, I rely heavily on DVDs, boxsets mostly. From Supernatural to Prison Break via The L-Word (oh back to sex again).

I suppose that brings us to books, I fell in love with reading long before I did TV. I started with WWII and the tales of Sven Hassell and Leo Kessler. Yes I know their both total liars and in several instances their characters were in two places at the same time, but hey it was escapism. then my dad gave me Lord Of The Rings, I was 13 and was captivated. The Hobbit followed and then the worlds of Shannara. Along the way I discovered a certain glowering 6′ tall Cimmerian and decided I preferred my fantasy a little more bloody.

Over the years I’ve ranged from fantasy to SF, I’ve delved into the world of Arthur and Saxons thanks to Sharpe creator Bernard Cornwell. I’ve visited alien worlds and kicked serious arss with Takishi Kovacs. But no matter how far I’d roam I’d always come back to swords and some sandals.

So if someone should speak up I suppose it should be me… Barbarism is the natural state of mankind. Civilisation is nothing but a veneer, barbarism will ultimately triumph.