Had a really good weekend and managed to get more done than I’d planned. Submitted a short story to Arcane Magazine in the hope of it being my first commercial success.

Finished re-read and re-write of chapter 4 of Chooser Of The Slain. It’s actually working out easier than I’d first thought to re-do what I’d already written. I’ve had to re-write a character totally due to the introduction of the aliens. Meaning a lot of text has been dumped but most of chapter 4 is all about him, his views and part of why he’s doing what he’s doing. I think he’s actually a better character, before he was a somewhat one dimensional rent-a-thug. Now though he has reasons for being such an bastard and there is some glimmer of redemption that I may or may not allow him to have.

The first draft had an ending of sorts and could have been taken as a stand alone. But now I’ve decided on an open ended ending as I have various ideas for a second book that include a lot of what I’m taking out of the first (hope that makes sense). I’m not getting ahead of myself, I’m concentrating on one book at a time.

Also managed the first 10 minutes of the pilot script with the working title of Fresh Start. A first for me as this has no genre elements at all. I’ve established the core characters and hopefully with the dialogue given some hints as to what sort of people they are.

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